Installing Stair Treads That Protect Your Steps

Non slip stair treads are necessary in most homes, especially when the floor is such that it can get wet easily or when there is a staircase going to the next floor in the house. Installing such stair treads is an easy DIY project that you can do in an afternoon.
Many people overlook the importance of these little carpets right until an unwanted accident happens which puts them in the hospital bed. Slippery floors are especially dangerous when it comes to elderly living in the house. So how do we know which floor types can be slippery? Well if you have hardwood of any kind or stairs outdoors that can get wet from rain or ice during winter, it means you should install them to protect your family from accidental slips and falls.
In order to correctly gauge how many such stair treads you need to install, you have to count the number of steps. Then you need to actually measure them so the size of rugs you buy is enough. The best way to protect the steps is to have treads covering the entire surface, or at least as much as possible. If the pieces are too small, there will still remain slippery areas that can be dangerous to an accidental tumble down the stairs.
When you know for sure how many treads you need to buy and how big they have to be, you need to consider the type of the material you will install. Carpet treads are great for indoors, however for outdoors they are not suitable. Rubber would be a much better option for the house exterior. For indoors you can also buy braided materials as they look quite cute on the stairs.
When you have all the pieces purchased, you need to see how to install them. They are different types of installations and you will usually have an accompanying guide helping you with this. For example some of the treads will have an adhesive backing which is quite easy to install on the steps of the staircase. But before installing, you will need to first properly wash them and then dry them so that they stick nicely to the wooden surface.
There are also other methods of installation, however like I mentioned before, each type will have a short set of instructions, sometimes even with visual drawings that will help you install your carpeting with ease.
Once you have install them, the rugs will offer you extra protection so that the danger of slips and falls will be greatly minimized in your home.

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